17 March 2013

E-pulp? That's a good thing, right?

After my rant on dumb reviews by dumb reviewers, I am very pleased to announce an intelligent review by an intelligent reviewer.  Dieselpunk author and pulp aficionado Grant Gardiner has recently reviewed "The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum" on Goodreads, giving it 4 Stars (Recommend).  Gardiner's latest project is his "Tommy Thunder and the Tales of the Aether Age" series, set in an alternate timeline 1920s America.  Thankfully, he took some time out to offer some insightful remarks on the first book in the Magnetron Chronicles series, calling it "fantastic... whacky steampunk... in the style of an H. Rider Haggard adventure story."

As an example of utilizing thoughtful criticism to better one's writing, I have taken Grant's suggestion to "package [the] stories together" to create a "more fulfilling reading experience."  More on that later....

Check out Mr. Gardiner's review here, and then plot a course for his blog here.  There be two-fisted, hair-part flipping action and adventure dead ahead...

16 March 2013

Reviewing reviewers reviews...

"This book is dumb. People can never seem to speak proper English. I wouldn't read this book again if I were dying of boredom"

"The book was o.k. It's not my type of story so I wasn't really interested. I guess it's because it's an old-fashioned book, I'm more into Harry Potter."

"It had no story, the charaters were lame, the plot was-yuck! and the way the talk was just difficult to understand.Seriously, if you are choosing something to read this is definitely NOT the book, unless your trying to find a book that you'll snooze all the way through it!"

Uh-oh, I've got some bad reviews!  Perhaps I need to go back and review my writing, re-work it somehow to cater to my readers and expand my readership.  Or... perhaps not.