Preparation of your manuscript for successful publication

Your manuscript has been beta read, edited, and proofread.  You're ready to publish, right?  Not so fast!
 It's a common misperception that self-publishing is easier because you don't have to gain the attention of capricious publishers.  However, you still must contend with a far more capricious creature: the reader.

Your self-published book will do battle daily with hundreds of thousands of scrappy competitors.  You need to bring your A game to get noticed and entice potential readers to buy your book.

That's where I come in.  I can help self-publishers with every aspect of self-publishing, including formatting, keyword selection, blurb writing, and pricing, to position your book for success.
  • Formatting manuscripts for self-publication platforms
  • Producing or contracting compelling cover art
  • Writing irresistible blurbs and synopses
  • Targeted keyword and metadata selection
  • Target market and genre/subgenre selection
  • Guidance on pricing and royalty considerations
  • Step-by-step online publishing instruction
  • ISBN and UPC considerations
  • Bar code creation
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