Personalized guidance from concept to publication

If you keep starting novels but can't seem to finish them, I can help.

Don't know how to start?  Or how to stop?   Struggling with your plot?  Or with that first paragraph?  Or perhaps you just feel your stories lack a certain style or other indefinable something.

If so, contact me for confidential one-on-one guidance in every facet of novel-writing.  I can help with developing basic story elements, formatting your finished book for self-publication, and everything in between, for much less than you think.
  • Developing your story concept
  • Outlining
  • Plot development
  • Character development
  • Narrative voice and point of view
  • Choosing a setting
  • Choosing a point of attack
  • Managing continuity
  • Maintaining pacing
  • Developing thematic elements
  • Climax and dénouement
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Cover art
  • Ebook formatting
  • Print On Demand formatting
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