Meticulous proofreading and correction of writing errors

If you haven’t yet published your book, you owe it to yourself to have it professionally edited and proofread before it’s too late!

If you have published already, does your book pass the the Amazon “Look Inside” test?

Seemingly minor errors in your text can have major implications when a potential buyer thumbs through your book's opening pages.  If your grammar, spelling, and punctuation isn't perfect, some shoppers will be immediately turned off and move on to another book.  Even readers who aren't terribly fussy about such things may assume you're careless with other aspects of your story, such as the plot.

Don't rely on your word processor to correct every error!  Spell checkers are splendid but imperfect tools. If a word is spelled incorrectly, but the incorrect spelling happens to correctly spell another word, many word processors will overlook the error, if yew no watt eye mien.  Words of foreign origin and character and place names often confound even the best spell checkers.  Grammar, diction, and punctuation errors often slip under the radar, while perfectly valid text throws up red flags.

I can meticulously detect and correct these common issues with thoroughness no word processor application can match.

  • Spelling and capitalization errors, including proper nouns and specialized vocabulary
  • Punctuation and formatting errors such as spacing and italics
  • Errors of standard grammar
  • Diction and word usage errors

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