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D. L. Mackenzie pounds on a computer somewhere in the desiccated cultural wilderness of Phoenix, Arizona. When he’s not writing or more gainfully employed elsewhere, he enjoys hiking the valley’s surrounding mountains, traveling, listening to obscure music, and performing unremarkable household chores with his hyperactive wife. He has a love/hate relationship with American politics and is known to bore and annoy anyone within earshot with his radically sensible political ideas. He has written scads of scandalously intemperate opinion pieces and a short story or two, but remains smitten with classic fiction by such authors as Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, and H. G. Wells. His new (2012) series “The Magnetron Chronicles” brings eccentric inventor Phineas J. Magnetron out of mothballs for new tongue-in-cheek neo-Victorian adventures in the heady Age of Steam.
Mackenzie certainly manages to keep himself amused, although to what end is anyone’s guess. If you enjoy his fiction writing, you will most assuredly be horrified by his political writing. If you enjoy his political writing, you will likely find his fiction writing tedious and self-indulgent. It’s long been a mystery how one man can be responsible for such a diverse portfolio of annoying prose… until now.

FIG. 1: Phrenology Finally Sheds Light on Writer D. L. Mackenzie's Mysterious Condition
FIG. 1: Phrenology Finally Sheds Light on Writer D. L. Mackenzie's Mysterious Condition

A recent study has shed light on Mr. Mackenzie’s condition, which is far more complex than previously believed. Although Mackenzie claims the bumps on his head result from simple clumsiness, the evidence of his tenuous mental condition is overwhelming. However, his scribblings remain quite entertaining in a nonclinical sense, and are neatly divided into two categories:

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