13 April 2013

A Fifth of Magnetron

Volume Five has arrived!

The wait is over.  Phineas and friends are back in a new Magnetron Chronicles adventure, now available exclusively in Kindle format from Amazon.

"In this fifth volume of Magnetron’s journals, the strange truth regarding Phineas J. Magnetron’s previously unexplained disappearance in 1901 is revealed, as are hitherto unremarked romantic interests.  Having journeyed to Berlin, the Hogalum Society members seek to clear their names and hunt down Eldridge Compost before he can wreak more havoc.  In so doing, they will be drawn into Compost’s twisted schemes, culminating in a battle to the death over German skies."

Come, come, now, dear reader, the opportunity is upon you.  Seize your mouse at once, direct it hither and click thereon as expeditiously as is practicable.   Do not fail to avail yourself of this thrilling tale of yesteryear!

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