01 October 2012

It's a Wattpad Thing... You Wouldn't Understand

Wattpad is a Canadian creation, a sort of Youtube for aspiring writers of every age and skill level, with more than 5 million free stories posted.  As a "creative, welcoming and completely free community to connect with readers from around the world," Wattpad has also attracted some established writers, most notably, poet, writer, and activist Margaret Atwood.

I decided to publish The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum (the first volume of the Magnetron Chronicles series) in its original chapter-a-week serialized form at Wattpad.  It has garnered quite a bit of praise and more than 12,000 reads at last count, and now I'm pleased to announce it has been selected by Wattpad as a "Featured Story" from among the millions of other stories available. 

If you haven't yet sampled the outstanding free fiction, poetry, and nonfiction works available at Wattpad, I invite you to do so.   If you're a writer, join us!  The Wattpad mobile app is also available for all major platforms, so you can read and write on the go!

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