13 November 2012

New Novel Underway

I'm trying my hand at modern horror, with Station Five, a paranormal thriller set in a skilled nursing facility:

"Mia Cordova is a nurse's aide at Los Arcos Care Center, a large skilled nursing facility caring for the profoundly disabled. Abby Tate, Mia's patient, has been in a coma for almost two years, kept alive on a ventilator. When Abby unexpectedly wakes up to find herself a quadriplegic, she is overcome by inexpressible fear, grief and anger. It seems that only Mia can connect with her bright young patient and calm her rage, but Abby's fury soon takes on a dark, malevolent power that threatens to destroy everyone and everything around her."

As of this writing, I've pretty much completed Chapter One, available free at Wattpad.  Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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